Christmas is for collecting

I am *not* a pack rat. In fact, I tend to let the pendulum swing completely the other way, and I get rid of things too quickly. Then I end up feeling regretful. But, when it comes to certain things, I’ve been known to be a hoarder. Stamps for one. Can’t get enough of them. Recipes are another, even though I seem to make the same things for dinner over and over and over again. But my most favorite thing to hoard, er, collect are nutcrackers.


The whole family



My newest additions. The hula girl is *awesome*.


The classic...


...and the not so classic.

Weird, I know. But I got my first one years ago, and I can’t seem to get enough. My husband was tolerating at first, but now has been infected by this crazy need to collect nutcrackers. We both scour the stores come the holidays to see what cool new addition we can add to the family. We’ve even passed this craze on to our children for a Christmas inheritance. It’s pathetic, really.


I know I’m not alone, though, in the holiday hoarding. What do you collect?  Snowmen? Santas? Snowglobes? Fruitcakes? Anything goes, right? Merry Christmas and happy collecting!

p.s. I’m announcing a new giveaway from Third Eye Artisans on Monday! Be sure to check back and enter to win some goodness!


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Ahoy, there

Certain colors conjure up certain ideas and thoughts, do they not? I mean, when you think of red, white and blue together, you usually think of the good ol’ USA. Black and orange? Green and red? You get the idea. This color combo being featured today always reminds me of all things nautical, and yet I love, love, love it. It’s fresh, crisp and classic. Enjoy!

Navy Blue and Yellow

The Stockholm bag

Button Up Scarf


Set of 3 dishcloths


Joy Ride


Yellow Rose Necklace


organic infant body suit


toddler mittens


Lovely, yes? These colors are classic, timeless, lasting. A true fashionista can’t go wrong when sticking with a combo like this. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Thursday!








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Better late than never

So, today is Friday. We’re going to ignore that, and the fact that I missed last week’s Color Thursday and  forge ahead with a new color combination. That’s what you really want anyway, right?

Aqua and Orange

I really should have saved this pair for warmer weather, but I couldn’t resist sharing. I *love* this combination. It’s one of those color pairs that makes me squeal out loud and clap my hands really, really fast. You think I’m joking, don’t you? Enjoy!


Sun and Sea Earrings


Goldfish Mug Rug


Tidal Tangerine Vegan Soap


Crocheted Neckwarmer


Do you feel like clapping you’re hands really, really fast yet?


Little Goldfish Giclee Print


Oh So Chic Coasters


Fiona Ribbon Necklace


The Goldie Bag


Ah. I do love those colors. They make me smile.


So, now that I’ve caught up on our color date, I’m going to give myself a bit of shameless promotion. Be sure to enter my giveaway here. Seriously, enter. You just might win. And then, you could do the selfless thing and give the purse away as a Christmas gift, or do what I would and keep it for yourself. Either way, you come out a winner.

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These aren’t your momma’s colors

Color Thursday again, and this time, I’m debunking a myth. A myth that rust is a color that should stay in the 70’s. A myth that a rust/brown combo is a thing of the past. I know what you’re thinking. And no, I’m not crazy. This color duo is quite trendy and up to date. I’ll prove it to you.


See Exhibit A


Simply Sweet Elastic Headband


November Earrings



Recycled T-shirt Rug


Custom Made Tableware


And now for Exhibit B


Two Tone Chunky Cowl


Slimline Journal


Retro Coffee Set


Vintage Cuff Bracelet


Gorgeous together, yes? I tend to think so. Let’s give rust the attention it deserves. No longer will it be associated with polyester and leisure suits. Gone are the days of this color being confined to 30 year old appliances. Embrace rust! It will love you back.

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Drum roll, please…

I have decided to introduce ‘Color Thursdays’. I adore color and so it only seems natural that I should devote a whole day’s worth of blogging to it, and my most favorite combinations. Good idea, yes?

I wish I could narrow down my favorite combos, but the truth of the matter is that I love so many! My poor husband just gives me a pathetic look every time I tell him that ‘such and such’ is my new best color. He knows me too well. So, I’ll just pick from my group of faves and feature:

Aqua and Red.

Silver Songbird Necklace



This color pairing makes me smile and clap my hands excitedly. Seriously. Something about the red and aqua makes me think of vintage and the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ days. Such a cheerful combo, don’t you think? Love it!

Aqua Forrest with Red Birds


Red Polka Dots



Me + You Modern Quilt

Okay, so are you smiling yet? If not, here’s are a couple more. If this doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.



Gnome Home


Birthday Bunting


So, I know you’re happy now.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the color! Leave a comment and let me know your fave combinations and I’ll keep them in mind for upcoming Color Thursdays. Most likely they’ll be one of my many favorites, too!

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Remember Me?

Yep, I’m the girl who used to run this blog. No, I didn’t fall of the face of the earth, but I did do something that’s pretty darn close to that.

I moved.

Need I say more? For those of you who have undertaken a move, you know exactly what I mean. For those of  you who haven’t had the pleasure of moving, believe me when I say that it’s one of the most disruptive things your life can under go, right up there with having a child. My husband received a transfer in February of this year, and after spending 5 1/2 great years in Los Angeles, we moved back home to the Sacramento area. And while we will always cherish our time in L.A., it was time to go back home. With our family located here, it was a good idea to get back so the boys could grow up knowing what it’s like to have everybody close by. And even though the whole process was a hassle and headache, it was *totally* worth it.

The living room on moving day. Man, I'll miss those floors!

Even though we were excited about the move and ready to get into a house that was more suited for a family of 5 with growing boys (the 1330 sq. feet was a tight fit) it was with heavy heart that I said good bye to my cute 1950’s home in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Scott and I had put a lot of love into that house in 5 years, and it actually hurt to leave it behind. I was so thankful that we sold it to a sweet couple who loved it just as much as we did.

The house we bought up in the Sacramento area,(Roseville, to be exact) is *slightly* bigger than the house we had in L.A. Um. Okay. It’s actually quite a bit bigger. Like, 3700 sq. feet. Yeah, I know. It seems like overkill, and I would just sound stupid if I told you that it doesn’t feel that big. But, really, it doesn’t . Anyway, the house was a foreclosure. Those of you who have ever dabbled in real estate know what I mean when I say, ‘foreclosure’. It’s just a fancy name for ‘fixer’. And my gosh, was this house ever in need of some love. I don’t know if the previous owners were lion tamers, and let their pets roam the house, or if their children were raised as wolves. Either way, the carpet and the walls were *disgusting*. How some people can live like that is beyond me. So, with lots of ideas, determination and thick rubber gloves, we are attacking this house and making it our own. It’s my hope that I can stick with this blog often enough to update all of you faithful readers (you 3-4 know who you are!) and show you all of our lovely progress. It’s gonna be awesome and exciting! Really, it is. To make sure you are intrigued and stick around, I’m going to give you all a little teaser. Here is the before pic of our living room. Nasty, huh? I promise the after pic in couple of days. Ooohh, can you handle the suspense?

The living room, before. Can you say 'Ewww' ?

So, with that, I will sign off for now, with high hopes of returning soon with lots of before and after pics of the new house, as well as updates on our daily exploits which involve the boys, homeschooling, owning a business and all that jazz. Cheers!

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Thanks, Jason Mraz…

Do you worry ? I do from time to time, and it annoys the daylights out of me. I’d like to think that I *never* worry or over-analyze, giving every thought the exact attention that it needs and then no more. But, if I’m brutally honest with myself, that’s not what happens. Instead, I think and think and think, jumping to every conclusion I can think of, and panicking over the fictitious situation for the rest of the day. Yeah. It sucks.

Worried Denim Guy by Anklebiter

This was what I was dealing with this last week as I drove my boys to their weekly karate lesson. I had grabbed my ipod to help with the drive, figuring the music would help occupy the guys, as well as myself. And just as my worries invaded my head yet again, The Remedy by Jason Mraz started playing through the car speakers.

The peppy music appealed to all of us, so I turned it up and started mindlessly singing along. That’s when Max asked, “Hey Mom? What does this song mean?”

Ouch. Now, I have to explain the meaning of the song to my 7 year old, while kicking myself in the pants and telling myself to listen to my own words. What did the song mean? As I was singing out, “I won’t worry my life away…”  here I was obsessing and thinking about things totally out of my control. It got me to thinking, though, and it was then that I remembered some harder hitting words.

“Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:6-7

Don't Worry necklace by PinkBubble

My lesson for today? Chill. Relax. Enjoy today, because tomorrow has plenty of it’s own troubles. And hopefully, if somebody did turn off the sun, I’d still be able to shine. So, thank you, Jason Mraz for your catchy little song, and thank you Max, for causing me to stop and think. And thank you most of all, Lord, for carrying my burdens and helping me to be anxious for nothing.

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Let’s try this again…

I tried my hand at this blogging thing about a year ago, and quickly became amazingly overwhelmed. I swore it off and said it wasn’t for me, not no way, not now how.

But, once again, I’m bowing to peer pressure.

I want one of those spiffy, inspiring blogs that all of my other crafty muses have. One that makes people smile when it pops up because just the sight of it makes them happy. Like this one at tenthings.  Kerri’s blog *always* makes me feel good inside. Let’s hope I can produce something like that. After all, time is precious, right? I mean, you have little enough of it as it is, so you want to make sure you don’t waste one single second. What a sad thought to think that reading my little blog would be a waste of time. Heaven forbid.

Anywho, on to happier thoughts. I’ll give this blog another go. I’ll jazz it up, and write about things that inspire me, that make me smile and that make me feel creative.

On that note, check out this cool quote by some guy named Charles Dickens. I think he wrote a book or two:

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”

I love this, and I’m so glad that he said it so I could quote him 140 years later. What a great way to express what all of us artists/designers/crafters feel. To finally give credence to that attachment we feel to something we’ve made. That is truly art, wouldn’t you say?


Well, enough for today. I’ll start small. Here’s to you and your creativity, and to all of the ideas swimming in your head that are just waiting in the wing to be created.

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I’ve been tagged!

Woohoo! I’ve never played the tag game before! I’m totally excited! Linda from Linda Loves Beads ( has tagged me.

Here are the rules of tagging

1. Link to tagger and display these rules on your blog. (check)
2. Share 7 facts about yourself – some random, some WEIRD (see below)
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blog. (see below)
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random Facts About Sarah

1.  This is my favorite item in my shop right now. I just totally dig the fabric:

2. I have a serious addiction to candy corns. The only reason that I don’t have a constant diet of them is due to their seasonal availability. Thank God…

3. One of my all time favorite movies is Casablanca. ” Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine…” One of the best movie lines, ever.

4. My name means ‘princess’, and I try to use that to my advantage as much as possible.

5. I’ve had oral surgery twice, but never stitches.

6. My oldest son’s formal first name is Maximillian. Poor kid.

7. My husband and I never dated. A fact both weird and completely random.

Okay, you guys. Now you know 7 completely random and useless facts about me. Tag, guys. You’re it:

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Oilcloth, My Latest Obsession – Part 2 (finally)

Okay, so I want to thank all of you who have been waiting patiently for me to reveal my tips on working with oilcloth. It has been a crazy week of soccer, school and mayhem here at my house, but I think I found a quiet moment to type this all out. So,without further ado, my oilcloth tips!

Tip #1 – Trace your pattern on the back of the oilcloth.

This is a must when working with oilcloth. You can’t pin your pattern down to the oilcloth (I’ll cover that in a moment), and holding your pattern as you cut will just make your piece all wonky. I suggest drafting your pattern pieces (or tracing a pre-exsisting pattern) onto a lightweight cardboard, such as a cereal box. That way it won’t wrinkle or tear after a few uses.

Once you’ve made your pattern, use a ball point pen to trace your pattern on to the back of the oilcloth.

My traced pattern, on the back of the oilcloth.

My traced pattern, on the back of the oilcloth.

 Tip #2 – Never use pins on your oilcloth.

Oilcloth is just like leather, vinyl, etc… Inserting a pin will leave a permanent hole. When you want to sew two pieces of material together, I suggest using paper clips or, my personal favorite, good ol’ clothespins. These will keep your pieces together, without moving, and they won’t leave any personal marks on your oilcloth. *NOTE* There is one time when using pins is okay. If you decide to cut out your pattern using a lot of extra room, like in the photo below, you can always pin your oilcloth together on the excess material. Make sense? Probably not, so be sure to study the photo to see what I mean.

My beloved clothespins, and the one exception to the 'no pin' rule.

My beloved clothespins, and the 'no pin' exception

 Tip #3 – When sewing oilcloth, lower your presser foot tension.

Whether you’re sewing on the right side or the wrong side of the oilcloth, it’s always helpful to lower your presser foot tension. I usually set mine between1.5 and 3.

Tip #4 – You may want to use a bigger sewing machine needle.

This is not a hard and fast rule. I usually switch my universal needle for something a bit more sturdy, like the leather needle (90/14), but I’ve forgotten at times, and it really doesn’t seem to matter that much. I think it helps your stitches to be a bit more consistent, but it’s not so that you would notice. This one is really up to you. Try it both ways and see what you like.

Tip #5 – When sewing on the right side of oilcloth, use a Teflon foot.

I can’t stress this tip enough. Being a natural born tightwad, I tried to scrimp and save by not purchasing this essential foot. Don’t be penny pinching here! Buy this foot! I think I paid $25 for mine, and it was worth every single penny that I paid.  It glides on your oilcloth beautifully, while your regular machine foot will stick like crazy. Then you will end up fighting your fabric by pulling and pushing it through the machine. All that will get you is sloppy stitches, a messy project and a migraine. Trust me when I say, invest in a Teflon foot. You’ll be glad you did. *NOTE* If you are sewing on the wrong side of the oilcloth, you can use your regular machine foot, but still lower your presser foot tension.

The one, the only, TEFLON FOOT!!!

The one, the only, TEFLON FOOT!!!

The slick backside of the Teflon foot.

The slick backside of the Teflon foot.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for letting me share what’s worked for me. Hopefully, these little pointers can be helpful to you, too! Oilcloth can be tricky, but if you use these tips and just keep practicing, you’ll be an oilcloth pro in no time!

I’ll be showing off some of my oilcloth projects in my next and final oilcloth post. I’d love to get feedback from you guys and hear what you all are making. Have fun and be creative!

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