Monday strikes again.

I’m pretty sure that Mondays get a bad rap. I mean, it’s not their fault that they come right after a crazy Saturday and busy Sunday. Still, I find it easier to blame my lack of motivation and energy on poor Monday than myself. Who really wants to take on the new week when you’re exhausted from a busy weekend? Oh well. Someday, I’ll take responsibility for my own actions, but for now, Monday will remain my scapegoat.

On to more exciting things. I did promise an ‘after’ picture of the living room. And for the 2 of you who have been waiting breathlessly for it, (you know who you are) wait no longer! I give you my semi-completed living room!

The space under the television will not remain in the electrical, cordy mess that you see it in. My handsome and talented brother Matthew, is creating a customized media cabinet, complete with built in cooling fans and dvd drawers. Total organized bliss! The walls are still lacking some framed pictures, but new photos are needed seeing as how my boys just keep on growing. The black coffee table is my pride and joy. I’ll explain. It started  as a thrift store find and looked like this:

I then sanded it down, primed it and painted it black.

Voila! A $35 coffee table, about $16 in primer and paint. Not bad, if I say so myself. So, there you have it. One room in the house (almost) done!


October 4, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . All About Me, Family, Remodel.


  1. Cheryl (Copper's Wife) replied:

    What a beautiful room! Well done!

    • Pam Geib replied:

      Thanks for sharing the after photo. Can’t wait to see Matthew’s cabinet. The room is gorgeous.

  2. dotty botts replied:


    How can you say you do not accomplish anything. The room is beautiful. I am planning another try to get out and see the work in person. The room is beautiful. I want to see the entre. The purses look great too. Amazing. And you homeschool too? Amazing.

  3. momma replied:

    Awesome room! You’ve done so much already! Keep up the good work. Love you….

  4. Sarah replied:

    Thanks, everyone! It’s nice to be able to share it all with you. It’s like my very own home improvement show! 😉

  5. Rheanna replied:

    whoohooo!! it looks great. I can’t wait to see the cabinet redone. And I’m sure I’ll be totally jealous…organized bliss….le sigh! can’t wait to see it all in person 🙂 love you

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