I can really hate Mondays…

especially when I’m fighting a cold and I just don’t feel good. Mondays are such blah days anyway. Add  some coughing, sneezing and a sore throat and they are down right deplorable. So, I’ve found a few things to cheer me up.

I am sewing, here me roar.

Cheery vintage wall hangings

Fabulous shabby chic goodness

Vintage owl wallet

Ahhh, I feel better already! How about you? That sewing lion really did the trick for me. I’m thinking I might have to buy that print before this post is done. Anyway, I’m always pleasantly surprised at how color and creativity not only cheer me up but inspire me. I love seeing how crafty people use their mad art skills that they’ve been blessed with to come up with some amazing handmade goodness. Give someone some paint, or fabric, or a camera and voila! A masterpiece. It’s quite amazing.

So, I hope these few little things cheer you up and inspire you to get your craft on.

p.s. I bought the sewing lion.


February 23, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . All About Me, Hands Full Creations.

One Comment

  1. Jenny Schofield replied:

    You truly inspire me, Sarah – you have been blessed with so much creativity, I can only hope a little bit can rub off on me one of these days! And BTW, the ‘fabulous shabby chic goodness’ really did cheer me up, I love it. And I think that your darling new sewing lion print (great caption) is going to look fabulous on the wall of your new NorCal home! ♥♥, Jen

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