Got my creative juices flowing!

I received a request last week for a custom wallet. The customer wanted it for fall, and she really loved the oilcloth. After toying with a few ideas, and figuring out some measurements, this is what I came up with:

my new design, in all of its fall-y glory!

my new design, in all of its fall-y glory!


the wallet's backside...

the wallet's backside


action shot!

action shot!

I was pretty jazzed with how it turned out. I usually have to make at least 3 prototypes before I come up with anything that looks halfway decent. This one just flowed and everything came out exactly how it was supposed to. It will be years before I get that lucky again! Anyway, I hope the customer likes it.

So, I loved this design so much that I’m planning on putting it in my line of accessories. I have dubbed it the Katherine wallet. I’m still stuck on the pricing, though. Not quite sure yet what to charge for it. What do you all think?


August 26, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . Hands Full Creations.

One Comment

  1. craftyjuicebroker replied:

    I love it… nice design.

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